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Joewell E30 Hair Thinning Scissor

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  • Features

STEEL Supreme Japanese Stainless Alloy
SIZE 5.6" Inches
CUTTING EDGE 15% Cut Ratio
BLADE 30 Teeth Thinning Shear
FINISH Satin Finish
MODEL E30 (E-30)
EXTRAS Removable Finger Rest

Looking for a professional-grade thinning scissor? Look no further than the Joewell E30.

This top-selling model is crafted from high-quality Japanese stainless steel and features 30 teeth, making it perfect for thinning hair.
With a light weight and smooth action, the Joewell E30 is sure to give you an exceptional hair-cutting experience. Plus, the thumb rest can be removed and switched to either handle, making it comfortable and easy to use for anyone.