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Joewell E40 Hair Thinning Scissors

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  • Features
STEEL Japanese Stainless Alloy Steel
SIZE 5.6" Inches
CUTTING EDGE 35% Cut Ratio
BLADE 40 Teeth Thinning Shear
FINISH Satin Finish
MODEL E40 (E-40)
EXTRAS Removable Finger Rest
  • Description
  • Professional quality thinning scissors with 40 teeth.
  • Made with supreme stainless Japanese alloy for durability and precision.
  • Lightweight and smooth action for ease of use.
  • Satin-finished handles for a comfortable grip.
  • Removable and switchable thumb rest for flexibility and comfort.
  • Ideal for handling even the most challenging hair types.
  • Professional Opinion

"The Joewell E40 Hair Thinning Scissors are exceptional for creating textured and layered looks. Their 40 teeth provide precise thinning, making them versatile for various hair types and cutting techniques."

This includes a pair of Joewell E40 Hair Thinning Scissors