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Joewell FX Pro 40 Teeth Thinning Scissors

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  • Features
HANDLE POSITION 3D Offset Ergonomic Handle
STEEL Supreme Japanese Stainless Alloy
SIZE 6.0" Inches
CUTTING EDGE 35% Cut Ratio
BLADE 40 Teeth Thinning | Sword Flat Blade
FINISH Polish Finish
EXTRAS Removable Finger Rest, Dry Bearing Tension System
  • Description
  • Newly designed Joewell FX Pro 40 Teeth Thinning Scissors, popular in Europe & USA.
  • Features a comfortable grip and handcrafted quality for easy use.
  • Polished blade and updated offset design for high-quality hair thinning.
  • 40-toothed scissors with a 35% cutting ratio, ideal for all hair types.
  • Made of Japanese stainless steel alloy with a satin finish, offering a professional look and performance.
  • 3D style grip ensures ease and comfort during use, even in wet or oily conditions.
  • Professional Opinion

"The Joewell FX Pro 40 Teeth Thinning Scissors are a dream for creating textured looks and reducing bulk. Their 35% cut ratio makes them versatile for a range of hair types and thinning techniques."

This includes a pair of Joewell FX Pro 40 Teeth Thinning Scissors