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Joewell Supreme Symmetric Hair Scissor

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  • Features
HANDLE POSITION Symmetric (Traditional/Classic)
STEEL Japanese Powder Alloy Steel
SIZE 5.5" and 6.0" Inches
BLADE Sword & Convex Blade
FINISH Powder Finish
MODEL Joewell Supreme SPM SYMMETRIC 55 60
EXTRAS Removable Finger Rest

  • Description

The Joewell Supreme SPM S Straight Hairdressing Scissors are perfect for precision hair cutting.

The unique Powder Metallurgy Processing creates a smooth metal that is corrosion-resistant, providing you with a longer cutting life.

With its precision sharpened blade, the SPM S scissors make it easy to achieve the perfect cut every time.

Other characteristics that are included in the Joewell SPM BT cutters include an offset handle with a 3D design with a matt black finish and a rest for the fingers that is covered with silicone rubber for more comfort and stability while using the scissors.