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Kamisori Jade Professional Haircutting Shears

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A sight to behold, these eye-catching, ergonomically designed haircutting shears with the convex blades are worth grabbing. Order yours today!

We bet you won’t have seen a pair of shears as eye-catching as this one here.

A beautiful and intricate design on the handle will make you fall in love with the pair at the first sight while the spry and sharp blade will sweep you off the ground.

The best part is this ergonomic and cutting-edge pair of shears has been handcrafted by Japanese smiths that makes it even more irresistible.

Get your hands on these priceless pair of hair-cutting shears that are no less than a royal jewel. Works effortlessly on both dry and wet hair.

Kamisori Jade Professional Hair Cutting Scissor

  • Sizes: 5.0” and 6.0”
  • Types: Cutting
  • Steel: Japanese ATS-314 cobalt Steel
  • Rating: ★★★★★

Kamisori Jade Cutting Shears Review

If you are looking for a premium pair of professional hairdressing scissors that are handcrafted to last a lifetime, then look no further than the Kamisori Jade. The Jade model uses the ultimate Japanese steel, and is hand crafted to perfection.

  • Material: ATS-314 cobalt spotless super steel, Japanese real silver
  • Blade: Kamisori Japanese 3D Convex
  • Size: 5” & 6”
  • Hand: Right
  • Ergonomic Design

Find out why so many professional and senior hairdressers, stylists and barbers are buying the premium high-end Kamisori shears; a pair of scissors to last a lifetime!