Kasho Design Master 38 Tooth Thinning Scissors

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  • Handle Position: Offset Handle
  • Steel: V10W Stainless Steel
  • Hardness: 58-60HRC 
  • Quality Rating: ★★★★ Excellent!
  • Size: 6.0" Inches
  • Cutting Edge: Curved Teeth
  • Teeth: 38 Teeth (Blending)
  • Finish: Satin Finish
  • Extras Included: Scissor Case, Feathering Razor, Finger Inserts, Oil Brush, Cloth, Finger Inserts & Tension Key
  • Model Number: KDMT38 38T

The premium Kasho Design Master Blending Scissors with 38 Teeth is finally here! This is the ideal choice for hairstylists in salons and barbers in barbershops seeking to elevate their craft with a blending-specific thinning shear.

Why Choose The Kasho Design Master Series Hair Blending Scissors with 38 Teeth?
  • Forged from high-grade materials for long-lasting durability and performance
  • 38 teeth blending scissors offer the ultimate tool for achieving a harmonious, natural-looking finish. Designed to seamlessly integrate various layers of hair, these shears create a smooth, blended appearance while maintaining the hair's texture.
  • Adjustable ratchet screw system for easy control of tension settings
  • Ergonomic handle design, featuring camel back and offset handle, significantly reducing hand fatigue
Why Do Hairstylist & Barbers Need Blending Shears?

Blending scissors are a crucial tool in the hairstyling arsenal, as they allow for the creation of seamless and natural-looking transitions between different lengths and layers of hair. These specialized scissors are particularly useful for those with thick hair, as they can remove bulk while preserving length and creating texture. By incorporating blending scissors into your hairstyling routine, you can achieve a more polished and professional look that is sure to turn heads.

The Backstory Of The Kasho Design Master Blending Scissors:

The Kasho Design Master Blending Scissors are a testament to the meticulous design and craftsmanship of the renowned Japanese company, Kasho. As one of the company's introductory models, these blending scissors offer an impressive balance of quality, performance, and affordability.

Created with professionals in mind, the Kasho Design Master Blending Scissors function as an extension of the stylist's hand. The camel back and offset handle design provide exceptional comfort, allowing for precise and effortless blending techniques.

Don't hesitate! Enhance your scissors collection with the Kasho Design Master Blending Scissors with 38 Teeth and experience the advantages of working with a truly professional-grade tool. Your clients will notice the difference, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without them!