Kasho XP Hair Cutting Scissors

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  • Handle Position: Straight (Conventional) OR Offset Handle
  • Steel: VG10 Steel
  • Hardness: 58-60HRC
  • Quality Rating: ★★★★ Excellent!
  • Size: 5.3", 5.8", 6.0" and 6.2" Inches
  • Cutting Edge: Slice Cutting Edge
  • Blade: Hollow Ground Blade
  • Finish: Silver Finish
  • Extras Includes: Scissor Case, Feathering Razor, Finger Inserts, Oil Brush, Cloth, Finger Inserts & Tension Key
Kasho XP Series Scissors Description
Introducing the Kasho XP Series Hair Cutting Scissors – the perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and performance for professional hairstylists and barbers.
Why Choose the Kasho XP Series Scissors?
  • Premium Quality: Designed and manufactured by Kasho, a prestigious Japanese company known for its dedication to creating the finest hair cutting tools, the XP Series scissors testify to their unwavering commitment to quality.
  • Masterful Design: Meticulously crafted to provide a perfect balance, these scissors combine ergonomics and precision to ensure a comfortable yet precise cutting experience.
  • Superior Materials: Made from the finest Japanese stainless steel, the XP Series scissors are designed for exceptional sharpness, durability, and corrosion resistance.
  • Innovative Engineering: The Kasho XP Series showcases the company's dedication to continuous improvement and innovation, incorporating state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to create a high-performance scissor that is both reliable and efficient.
The Story Behind Kasho's XP Series
The story behind Kasho's XP Series scissor is a testament to the company's dedication to blending traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern engineering techniques.
Recognizing the unique needs of professional hairstylists and barbers, Kasho conducted extensive research to develop a high-performance hair cutting tool. Using the finest Japanese stainless steel and drawing upon Japan's rich history of masterful craftsmanship, skilled artisans meticulously crafted each pair of XP Series scissors.
Combining cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality control, Kasho successfully created a superior scissor that embodies the perfect balance of tradition, innovation, and performance.