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Mina Jay Thinning Scissors

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  • Features
STEEL  Stainless Alloy (7CR)
QUALITY RATING ★★★ Exceptional
Ranging from 5.0" to 7.0"
BLADE Advanced Slice Edge
Glossy Mirror Finish
WEIGHT 42g Each
EXTRAS INCLUDE Scissor Care Cloth & Tension Key
  • Description

Mina Jay Thinning Scissors - The go-to choice for professionals seeking precision thinning and blending in hair styling.

  • Premium Stainless Alloy (7CR) Steel: Offers a blend of lightweight design, sharpness, and durability for long-term use.
  • Offset Handle: Designed for comfort, ensuring a natural hand position and reducing fatigue during extended cutting sessions.
  • Thinning Rate: Fine V-shaped teeth achieve a 20% to 30% thinning rate, ideal for smooth texturizing and seamless blending.
  • Mirror Polish Finish: Adds sophistication to this professional-grade tool, enhancing its appearance and functionality.
  • Accessibility: Available in models for both left and right-handed users, catering to all professionals.

With Mina Jay Thinning Scissors, professionals can effortlessly achieve the perfect texture and blend, making it an essential tool for any hairdresser or barber.

  • Professional Opinion

"The Mina Jay Thinning Scissors are essential for creating that flawless blend and texture in any hairstyle. Their precision thinning capabilities make them indispensable for professional use."

This includes a pair of Mina Jay Thinning Scissors.