The Difference Between Shears & Scissors - Comparison Guide

September 24, 2021 4 min read

The Difference Between Shears & Scissors - Comparison Guide - Scissor Hub Australia

It is not uncommon for someone to be confused between shears & scissors after being in the hair-care business for so many decades. We are so happy you came across this article after searching for it. This shears article will help you answer this question: "What is a difference between scissors or shears?"

Here are all the details:

What Is the Difference Between Scissors And Shears?

Scissors are actually very similar to shears.

  • Scissors are symmetrical and have equal-sized holes for fingers. They are usually less than six inches long. These are designed to hold the thumb and one finger.
  • Shears have both a small and larger finger hole. When it comes to the blade length, they are usually longer than six inches. These are suitable for the thumb and three to four fingers.

What are scissors?

Scissors may be used for multiple purposes in the kitchen, home and office. They are small (less than 6 inch) and have two blades, which are riveted together. The handles attach and separate the blades, allowing you to cut through different materials.

While scissors can be used as multi-utility tools, others are specifically made for specific purposes such as cooking scissors. Different sizes, quality, costs, and design modifications can all make scissors different. Japanese scissors, handcrafted in Japan, are well-known for their sharpness and durability. This construction allows you to cut cleanly and precisely.

What are Shears exactly?

Shears can be used to cut more than six inches. These scissors are very large and can be used for specific purposes. A shear usually has a bigger handle on one side than a scissor. This is so the user can fit more fingers inside it and cut harder materials with more force.

Some shears, like the gardening shears are large enough to be gripped with all of your palm. This will allow you to get a greater cutting force.

Dressmaker shears are usually equipped with adjustable screws to allow precise cutting. These shears may also have a bent head, which makes it easier for you to sew fabric.

What is the difference between shears & scissors?

We will attempt to dissect every piece of information we have in order to determine the difference between shears vs scissors. This is it, sans further delay.

Definition and insights

Scissors, multi-purpose tools for cutting, can be found in most homes. They are an essential part to daily living.

Shears, however, are a useful household item that can be used only for one task. Most people do not need a shear.

Size Factor

  • An average pair is 6 inches in length.
  • They can measure anywhere from 3 to 6-inches in height and should not be greater than that.
  • Shears are fundamentally more powerful scissors than ordinary scissors. They are almost always larger than average scissors.

As you might expect, the smallest of all shears is more than 6 inches in length.


To answer the question "What is a difference between scissors or shears?" we thought a few examples would suffice:

  • Making parcels, embroidery, clothes, etc. Scissors
  • Small food items, such as onions and herbs, can be cut. Scissors
  • Trimming eyebrows, nails, and hair. Scissors
  • Various medical applications and surgical operations. Scissors
  • Trimming grass and cleaning up hedges are just a few of the many gardening duties you can do. Shears
  • Making dressmaking instructions for cutting fabrics. Shears
  • Allow the effective cutting of cooked poultry. Shears

We hope that these examples will help you understand more about the question, "Are shears and scissors alike?"

Types you need:

There are many styles of scissors on offer, depending on what they are used for.

  • The best pair of scissors for hairdressers is usually the sharpest. They are maintained as sharply as possible to make sure that your hair doesn't get cut.
  • These office scissors can be used for all normal purposes.
  • They can also be made of metal. The kids' scissors look like toy scissors. They are made of plastic, and can sometimes only be used for cutting paper.

Shears can come in many different sizes and shapes depending on where they will be used. While fabric shears may have small handles, they are made of a lot more metal. They are able to cut through cloth with ease. The biggest handle is for hedge shears and can be used with one hand. Pruning scissors are one-handed shears that can provide precision for tasks like pruning.

How Much Does Shears Really Cost?

There are many kinds of hairdressing shears. But how much can you afford?

No matter if your goal is to be a professional hairdresser, barber or hair stylist the cost of your next pair should be considered.

Hair Shears cost is broken down into several categories.

  • Professional hair shears cost between $200-$600
  • Premium Japanese hairshears are available for up to $1500
  • Barber shears cost between $150 and $400.
  • Between $100 and $250 for student and apprentice hairstylists
  • Entry-level home hairdressing scissors cost anywhere from $50 to $150

Japan Scissors offers the most value when searching for the price of hair-cutting shears.

First, you need to know the market price for each type of hair cutting or thinning tool. This will help you find the best deal.

Last thoughts:

We hope this article has helped to clarify the differences between scissors & shears. You can reach us with any other questions. We will do all we can to assist you.

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