Top 5 Rose Gold Hairdressing Scissors

September 06, 2021 4 min read

Top 5 Rose Gold Hairdressing Scissors - Scissor Hub Australia

The most popular hairdressing scissors for salon hairstylists, professionals and home haircutting enthusiasts is the Rose Gold model.

The majority of scissors styles use a plain silver polish finish, but modern scissor brands in Australia are spicing up their premium collection for more colour!

 Juntetsu Rose Gold professional hairdressing scissor set


Within all the colours of the rainbow that are available with hairdressing scissors, Rose Gold wins time and time again as the best-selling model.

The elegant pink Rose Gold colour coating really stands out for your clients. It makes your clients want to purchase a pair, even if they don’t know how to cut hair.

You can buy a premium pair of Rose Gold hair scissors without compromising on quality!

The Best Rose Gold Hair Scissors Collection In Australia

With so many brands to choose from, where do you even get started?!

You will want to get a pair of Rose Gold hair scissors that will cut well, last for many years, and still retain their original colour throughout your years of use.

Based on our research in Australia, there are only a few brands that bring value for money to the professional Rose Gold scissor collection.

Japan Scissors Rose Gold Collection

Bringing high-quality and great value Rose Gold scissors to a safe online shopping platform, Japan Scissors has made it incredibly easy to purchase a reliable pair of hair shears.

When shopping to buy a new pair of Rose Gold Scissors, always make sure:

  • the online store has a 7-day or more return guarantee
  • use high-quality scissor steel
  • allergy-neutral rose gold coating
  • free shipping is always good!

Let us know your thoughts on the best Rose Gold scissors!

The Top 5 Rose Gold Hair Scissors

Let us review the best Rose Gold hair cutting and thinning scissors in Australia for professional hairdressers and barbers. It isn’t always easy to choose high-quality Rose Gold scissors, so we have put together the top 5 list of rose gold style sets, kits, and hair cutting shears.

1. Juntetsu Rose Gold Cutting & Thinning Set


Juntetsu Japanese Rose Gold Scissor Set

The Juntetsu Rose Gold set is one of the most popular scissor kits in Australia! Made from high-quality 440C steel to create a premium sharp convex-edge blade for effortless cutting.

The Juntetsu Rose Gold hair cutting scissor has a sharp convex-edge blade that is perfect for all-round haircutting, slice, blunt, over-comb, and point haircutting!

The Juntetsu Rose Gold hair thinning scissor has 30 teeth with sharp v-shaped serrated teeth for effortless hair thinning motions.

  • Popular Brand & Rose Gold Set!
  • High-Quality 440C Steel
  • Professional Cutting & Thinning Blades
  • Sizes: 6.0” Inches For Both
  • Comfortable Offset Ergonomics
  • Plenty Of Extras: Authentic Leather Pouch, Razor, Comb, Maintenance Kit & more!
  • Shipped Free Express In Australia!

View More Of The Juntetsu Rose Gold Hair Scissor Set & Kit Here!

2. Kamisori Matte Rose Gold Jewel III Shear Set

Kamisori Satin Rose Gold Scissor Set


Kamisori Shears is a reputable international brand that produces high-quality hairdressing scissors for professional barbers and hairdressers.

The Limited Edition Jewel III model uses a unique Satin Rose Gold finish on their scissors to produce a stylish shear pair unlike no other.

The hair-cutting scissor uses a sharpened convex edge blade that makes slicing and point cutting easy! The thinning scissors use 27 prism teeth for effortless thinning motions.

  • Famous Hair Scissor Brand
  • High-Quality 440C Steel
  • Professional Hair Cutting Blades
  • Sizes: 5.0”, 5.5” and 6.0”
  • Left & Right Handed

View More Of The Kamisori Satin Rose Gold Hair Scissor Set & Kit Here!

3. Ichiro Rose Gold Hair Cutting & Thinning Set


Ichiro Professional Rose Gold Scissor Set

The Ichiro Rose Gold Hair Cutting & Thinning scissor set is a favourite among Australian hairdressers and barbers due to its professional quality and affordable price.

The Rose Gold hairdressing scissors use an offset handle for a professional ergonomic grip that reduces strain and pressure on your fingers, wrist, elbow, etc.

The Ichiro Rose Gold scissors use professional convex-edge blades and v-shaped teeth for effortless cutting and thinning motions.

  • High-Quality Cutting Steel 440C
  • Affordable Price
  • Professional Blades
  • Sizes: 6.0” Inches
  • Right Handed
  • Comfortable Handle Ergonomics
  • Extras: Protective Scissor Case, Maintenance Kit, Razor, etc.

View More Of The Ichiro Rose Gold Hairdressing Scissor Set & Kit Here!

4. Jaguar Silver Line Fame Rose Gold Scissor


Jaguar Professional Rose Gold Scissor

Jaguar is one of the most famous scissor brands in the world! Made in Germany, the Rose Gold hair cutting scissor uses Molybdenum steel to create a high-quality hair cutting scissor for professionals.

The Limited Edition Rose Gold hair scissor uses premium German steel and a sharpened bevel edge for perfect hair cutting techniques.

  • Size: 5.5”
  • Professional German Steel
  • Sharp Bevel Edge Blade
  • Right Handed
  • Famous German Scissor Brand

View More Of The Jaguar Rose Gold Fame Scissor!

5. Juntetsu Rose Gold Offset Hair Cutting Scissor


Juntetsu Rose Gold Offset Hair Cutting Scissor

The Juntetsu is one of Australia’s best hairdressing scissor brands for professionals! Using high-quality steel materials to create sharp long-life convex-edge cutting blades.

The Rose Gold offset hair cutting scissor is professionally designed for ergonomic comfort and confident haircutting for:

  • all-rounder
  • point cutting
  • over-comb
  • blunt cutting
  • slice cutting

If you are looking to buy a great look Rose Gold scissor that is reliable and cuts hair in a professional salon or barbershop, then look no further than the Juntetsu Offset shear!

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View More Of The Rose Gold Juntetsu Offset Scissor Here!


Conclusion: How To Choose The Best Rose Gold Scissor

There are many different types of rose gold scissors and rose gold sets and kits, but it doesn’t have to be challenging to find the best pair for you!

Rose gold hair shears are made for hairdressing, so they can cut hair with:

  • point cutting
  • blunt cutting
  • over comb
  • slice cutting
  • and more!

When choosing a new rose gold hairdressing scissor for a professional environment like a salon or barbershop, you need to watch for:

  • Premium Steel
  • Comfortable Handle Ergonomics
  • Sharp edges
  • Reputable scissor brand

Take a moment to analyse the rose gold products to decide whether or not the new pair will work for you!

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