How To Choose The Right Scissors | Measure Hairdressing Shears

September 28, 2021 4 min read

How To Choose The Right Scissors | Measure Hairdressing Shears - Scissor Hub Australia

Although style and color are essential aspects to think about when purchasing scissors, the size is the most crucial. The length and the size of the blade are crucial.

It is often difficult to determine what size of scissors to purchase. Here are the directions.

If you are deciding on the best cutting or thinning scissors, determine your blade's length against the middle finger, and also the length of the scissors in the fingers of your hands. Most scissors range in the range of 4.5" and up".

The Scissor Hub team offers the most precise information about the measurement of hair size of scissors - read more about how to choose hairdressing scissors here!.

Here's how to take measurements of the length of scissors, the length of the scissor blades, dimensions, and a host of other information so it is easier to pick the appropriate one for your needs. Let's begin!

Some stylists prefer short scissors, while some prefer longer lengths. It's all dependent on the kind of cutting you're doing. Find the measurement of the scissor starting from the point of its blade up to the largest finger hole. The finger rest isn't included.

Set a pair on your palm. The finger hole should meet the thumb's base. The point of the blade should be located in the middle of your finger.

Begin at the place where you can see where the rest of your fingers (or the tang) connects to the frame that houses your finger's hole. Then, move to the tip. As compared to standard handles the scissors with crane handles generally possess a lower blade than the total length. It is important to determine the length of the blades of the scissors, not their overall length.

The reason it is important to pick the right scissors?

The most essential instrument for barbers and stylists is Scissors. It's just as important for a surgeon as scalpels or paintbrushes are for the painter.

This is the reason we've created this important guide on measuring your scissors by hand to determine the most appropriate size!

It's only natural that you desire your scissors to be easy to use as possible. Picking the right scissors can alter the way you style your hair.

How do you choose the hairdressing scissors?

Let's imagine that you're just about to start a job at the hair salon. It's a normal day, but you purchased a brand-new razor.

You realize that something isn't immediately after the first cut. The hair was not perfect after the cut . the split ends are still even after the cut was finished!

Your professional life is in jeopardy when you cut your hair with poor quality shears. This is why you must buy the best shears today! You'll look like the hairdresser from the above picture.

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair, the quality of the product is only one of the factors to take into account. There are numerous other aspects to consider.

The second thing to consider is the type of hair you like. This will allow you to choose the best hair cut scissors that are right for your needs. Are you skilled in creating layers that have soft edges? Perhaps you prefer more blunt forms. It's possible that you're not sure however, you've got the capability to design virtually everything. If you're interested, consider buying an entire set.

It's best if you think about whether your scissors are right-handed or left-handed. It isn't a good idea to have them be too difficult to hold while cutting hair and be reflected in the style of your hair.

It is also important to be aware of the dimensions. This is the primary reason for the article. It may not be easy to select the proper size hairdressing scissors, however it's doable. Make use of any hairdressing scissors you have.

Place your fingers of your palm in such a way your thumb's hole is in your thumb. The point of the blade should be in contact with the tip the middle of your finger.

You can also apply this method to find the right size of your barber's scissors.

How to measure Hairdressing Scissors

After you've identified the dimensions the scissors are made of, you can measure them for the purpose of determining which pair to buy on the internet. The ruler can be the most effective instrument to measure the size of the size of your scissors. Put the ruler and scissors next to each other. You will now be able to determine the length of your scissors must be.

Measurements for scissors should be taken from the hole of your finger up to the point. Do not add the rest of your finger to your measurements. It was the original German method had a finger rest. It is now popular to market hairdressing scissors with a screw-on fingers rest.

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